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5 Natural Home Remedies for Common Cold

fighting the common cold
Written by Sherry

Call it coryza or catarrh of the nose; a common cold is a very irritating condition. A variety of factors may cause it, the most common being a sudden chilling because of a change of temperature, coming out of the cozy bed into a blast of cold air or walking form an air-cooled room into a blazing sun. A cold is a highly irritating condition: You are not sick enough to get into bed, yet not well enough to lead a normal life. A running nose, feverishness, heaviness of the head, pains and aches in the body, loss of appetite and smell are the main features of a cold which make life miserable.

Below are non-drug catarrh remedies that are safer for adults and children. >

  • Ginger
  • This horn shaped herb, available in most stores induces perspiration and eases coughs colds and flu and boosts the immune system. An infusion is an excellent remedy for colds and can be made from ginger, honey, and fennel. Ginger is also used as a treatment for motion sickness and nausea and helps in morning sickness.

    1. Thyme

    This herb has a long tradition of use as a remedy for colds, dry coughs asthma, and bronchitis and has excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities when used for external applications via a tincture.

    1. Humidity

    Be sure to increase the humidity level at home or in the office. It will also prevent sinus headaches, by keeping the mucus thin so that it can drain from the nasal passageways. A small humidifier works well when you don’t have a full house humidifier. Alternatively, boil some water to add humidity to the air

    1. Borage

    An ideal remedy for lowering temperature is by inducing perspiration and relieving cold and flu symptoms. A tea infusion can be made from a liquid tincture or by adding leaves and flowers to boiling water. The flowers of this plant have been used traditionally in cough mixtures.

    1. Eucalyptus

    Originally a native tree of Australia known as the blue gum tree whose extracts produce the well-known oil of eucalyptus is used as an excellent nasal/sinus decongestant for colds and sore throats. Also can be use as a chest rub for bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory problem.

    All catarrh sufferers should avoid cold water and iced drinks or foods. You should drink one and a half liters of still pure water, warm or at room temperature, every day.

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