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Dangers of Sugar: Effects of Sugar on the Body

Written by Sherry

The American Dietetic Association and American Diabetic Association agree that sugar ingestion is one of the top three causes of degenerative disease. We all already know that sugar can cause tooth decay. However, this sweet devil is linked to hundreds of medical problems.

Too much sugar consumption can lead to a diet that is very poor. A poor diet can cause lasting damage to the immune system. A poor diet, over an extended period of time, can be responsible for lasting damage to one’s overall health, even after one makes an improvement in eating habits.

A person who has sugar addiction is likely to face higher risk factors that develop a heart condition. With a diet that consists more of higher LDL or bad cholesterol and low HDL or good cholesterol, it is not surprising that one would develop a heart condition anytime soon. A group of people was taken into consideration based upon their diet and cholesterol level. The survey showed that among 6,000 adults, 16% of them showed their daily calories coming from the sugary treats they eat.

Although among these individuals, the lowest number of a teaspoon of sugar consumed was 3, the highest amount of teaspoonful of sugar consumed was 46! The sugar being referred to here is the processed or refined sugar commonly used in cakes and candies, not the natural sugar found in fruits. The recommended daily intake of sugar for women should only be 6 teaspoons and for men only 9.

Hopefully, this number from the study conducted will make people especially food companies aware of the harm too much sugar can bring to everyone. The local government is taking steps to discourage sugar consumption like charging tax on beverage drinks. In fact, this step taken by some states has an estimated reduction of carbonated consumption annually from 50 gallons to 40 gallons. If this number can go lower, it would be best.

Everyone should be aware of the risks involved in consuming too much sugar filled diets. Illness like hypertension, type 2 Diabetes, obesity and a heart condition like Atherosclerosis that can lead to stroke can happen to anyone. This study is very helpful in making people take more considerations on the food that they eat.

So should you completely cut all sugar from your diet? For people who are not overweight or do not have other risk factors for heart disease or diabetes, such a thing isn’t entirely necessary. One cookie now and then is fine, but that extra large soda you get from your favorite fast food restaurant won’t do your body any favors. Any more than that and the effects of sugar on your health will start to compound and may get out of control. Just remember, ‘moderation’!

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