Is THIS Why You’re Not Losing Weight?

Written by Carl

I’ve seen so many folks go through this. They make a commitment to lose weight; they go on a crash diet, restricting themselves to the point of constant hunger and cravings, only to find little or no success. What could be more frustrating?

Believe it or not, the biggest mistake most people make while dieting is that they starve themselves too much. When you starve your body of needed nutrients, it responds by putting itself into survival mode. This means your metabolism slows down drastically, and your cravings become unbearable. Eventually, you will be forced to eat, and the foods you choose will be those that satisfy your cravings, and not those nutrient dense foods your body really needs. Nearly all diets eventually fail because nearly all diets restrict the foods you can eat.

The best chance you have for success is to fine-tune your daily diet by substituting your everyday foods with healthier alternatives and getting into the habit of loading up on nutrient dense natural foods. Keeping your body full, by supplying it with the protein and healthy fats it needs, along with fiber, vitamins and minerals, will go a long way to helping you eliminate your cravings altogether for the junk food diet caused your weight gain in the first place.

There are some great healthy replacements for many of your favorite foods. Do you have an occasional craving for ice cream, or at least something cold and creamy? Try this fat free ice cream substitute. Do you like fries? Try this French fry substitute. These are a couple of the recipes that helped me lose an amazing 60 pounds in 60 days without ever feeling hungry or deprived.

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