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Natural Cures for Bad Breath – 5 Simple Tips to Eliminate That Embarrassing Odor

Written by Sherry

Bad breath can happen to anyone or at any age. Bad breath, medically knows as Halitosis is either a temporary or chronic problem for many people. Sinus conditions and medical issues are the primary cause of halitosis. Poor oral hygiene, the food you choose to eat, and smoking are in the most cases just temporarily bad breath problems.
There is a solution. There is a cure. And there’s not just one. There some remedies for breath that stinks. Bad breath should not be tolerated as a permanent issue. Too many people live with bad breath and cause others to suffer along with them. All the while, the answers, and cures are readily available. There are many natural remedies for bad breath available to a fresher cleaner breath all the time!

1. Don’t neglect your tongue

You must also learn to brush your tongue. Although a lot of the left-over food particles that get stuck in between our teeth can cause bad breath, you must know that most of the bacteria are living and breeding on our tongue. Every time you brush your teeth, try to spend a little time on your tongue by gently sweeping the top of it.

2. Mint

The mint leaves is an effective and inexpensive natural remedy for the problem of bad breath. Chewing a few mint leaves will soon help to clean up the breath and contribute to creating a good odor in the mouth. Most of the mouth fresheners have mint in them as they are known for their medicinal properties.

3. Gargling

Using baking soda dissolved in warm water is also a good natural remedy, and it can also be used for cleaning the tongue. In olden days, people who were suffering from bad breath were given a hot cup of unsweetened tea, and it is still famous as an effective natural remedy for bad breath.

4. Green cardamom

Green cardamom contains a generous dose of cineol and limonene; both materials are excellent for masking halitosis due to their powerful fragrance and natural curative properties for eliminating bacteria. This herb is used for watering Indian dishes but is also one of the best means to get rid bad breath

5. Drink more water

Drinking water throughout the day is not only good for your body but will also keep your mouth nice and moist. This will increase the natural production of saliva which helps to flush out food residue from the mouth. This stops any tiny food particles from staying in the mouth for too long, lowering the chances of bad breath.

At the end of the day, bad breath problems can be solved. There many other remedies for bad breath available. Don’t lose hope, and don’t give up. Breath problems can be solved from the privacy of your home. Usually, you can be back on track in a matter of days; breathing and speaking confidently, close to the people you love.


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