The Cabbage Soup Diet

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If you need to lose weight FAST, the Cabbage Soup Diet may be just the diet you’re looking for. It does work fast, and it allows for some variety. The good news is that it’s only seven days, and of the foods allowed on each day, you can eat as much (within reason) as you want.

The diet moves quickly and the results are spectacular, but you must be willing to commit to the diet fully without cheating.

While the Cabbage Soup Diet is not intended to be used more than 7 days at a time (with at least a week break in between), it makes a great kickstart diet to get you going before embarking on a more sustainable lifestyle change in your eating habits.

The Cabbage Soup Diet will help you break your cravings for those “foods” that caused you to gain weight in the first place.

How to Begin The Cabbage Soup Diet

The first step is to make a big pot of cabbage soup. You can find the recipe here.

The diet lasts 7 days. There is actually, quite a bit of variety in this diet so you shouldn’t get bored, but if you do, just remember that it’s just for 7 days, and each day is different (and easier) than the last.

The Cabbage Soup Diet, Day 1

Fresh fruit & cabbage soup. On the first day, you can have as much cabbage soup as you want. You can also have as much fresh fruit as you want. The only fruit forbidden on the first day is bananas.

On this diet, I began my day with fruit. I waited for lunch for the cabbage soup. I used fruit as my snacks between meals also.

The 3 Week Diet

This diet is rich in fiber and natural, wholesome foods. Expect to make trips to the bathroom. You’ll lose a lot of weight on this diet — including water weight.

The Cabbage Soup Diet, Day 2

Vegetables. Just vegetables. Day 2 of the cabbage soup diet is my least favorite day. The good news is that it’s only one day. This is a day where you eat nothing but vegetables, and of course, all the cabbage soup you want — which, of course, is nothing but negative calorie vegetables.

At the end of the day you’re allowed one baked potato — with butter. Believe me, if you stick to this diet this long, that baked potato will be the highlight of your day!

The Cabbage Soup Diet,Day 3

Fruit & vegetables. The third day of the cabbage soup diet is a little easier. On this day you get all the vegetables you want, as well as all the fruit you need to feel satisfied. And of course, you’ll want to have at least one bowl of cabbage soup. You’re allowed more if you’d like, but at least get in one bowl. For me, the fruit really does make me feel satisfied — and energetic!

The Cabbage Soup Diet, Day 4

Bananas and skim milk. This is all you’ll be eating today. I actually like this day. I freeze the bananas and make a very large smoothie with these ingredients. I have it morning, noon and night. This satisfying drink serves as “desert” after my noon and evening cabbage soup meal.

It really satisfies and tastes great.

The Cabbage Soup Diet, Day 5

Beef & tomatoes. You can substitute fish or chicken (no skin!) for beef if you’d like. You’re allowed to eat up to 20 ounces of beef and up to six tomatoes. And of course cabbage soup — at least one large bowl, but you can have more if you’d like.

The Cabbage Soup Diet, Day 6

Beef & Vegetables. Eat all you want. You can have steak for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you’d like. Just make sure you get plenty of vegetables too — and, of course, at least one large bowl of cabbage soup (more if you’d like).

The Cabbage Soup Diet, Day 7

Brown rice, vegetables and fruit juices (unsweetened). Again, all you want. Stuff yourself even! Get at least one bowl of cabbage soup.

And there you have it. This is a good and healthy diet that’ll work wonders if you’re willing to commit to it the full seven days.

Some people find the diet a little bland with all that cabbage soup. You can get seasoning packets that actually make the soup taste good. Click here for more information.

You’ll find loads of helpful information about the cabbage soup diet at this site. If this diet interests you, I urge you to check it out.

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