The health Effects of Snoring

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When someone is snoring, it can be very annoying to anyone else who is nearby and trying to sleep. Though snoring seems a harmless irritant at night, most people are unaware of its severe after effects. It can get in the way of a perfect night’s rest and sleep and also causes a wedge between two wonderfully compatible people creating relationship issues if snoring persists. Apart from emotional and relationship issues, snoring is a serious health detrimental making the snorer and his or her bed partner be at risk of developing diabetes, hypertension, strokes and is a leading cause of heart attacks all over the world.

Here is a look are some of the side effects of snoring.

1. Health Issues

While snoring can be a symptom of certain health conditions and impairments, it can lead to health problems as well. Some of the health problems associated with snoring include chronic fatigue, headaches, hypertension and even cardiac disease. In short, snoring and the lack of sleep that it brings can cause some serious and even potentially fatal health issues to develop.

2. Obesity

Being overweight needs to be taken as a serious issue, poorly toned muscles and build up of fatty tissues around the neck causes the air passages to collapse, or obstructions arise, leading to snoring.

3. Relationship Problems

In many cases, snoring can also lead to relationship problems. Not only does the snoring cause frustration for the non-snorer as he or she tries to sleep, but both partners may become irritable, grumpy and moody leading to unwanted fights and even break-ups. All of these factors can place undue strain on a relationship that could ultimately lead to the partners going their separate ways.

4. Work Trouble

For many snorers, chronic snoring can also lead to problems at work. Snorers may become so tired that they accidentally oversleep and arrive to work late. Or, when they do arrive to work, they may be so tired from lack of sleep that they appear unmotivated, or they may work below expectations. Even worse, the snorer may have such difficulty with a concentration that it leads to workplace accidents. People may not see snoring as a serious issue, but in the long run, it can be hazardous.

5. Sleep apnea

This prevents a snorer from getting a restful night’s sleep, and they are not always aware of the fact that they have been awakened during the night. The next day they are tired and feel sleep-deprived. Some snorers even get into the habit of preventing themselves from entering into a deep sleep stage such as REM sleep because they are aware that they have trouble breathing during sleep

With so many side effects associated with snoring, it is important for snorers to seek out prevention and treatment methods. For those who are overweight, losing even a few pounds can bring snoring to an end. Avoidance of alcohol, cigarettes and sedating medications can also reduce the risk of snoring.

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