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The Importance of Nutrition in Our Daily Lives

Written by Sherry

Are you aware of the importance of nutrition for your body? You probably don’t think about what you are putting into your body, and therefore it is important to understand nutrition. Why do you eat? This is because you are likely hungry. However, you may eat if you are tired, sad, or even bored. There are many different reasons why people eat this way, some of these are for physical reasons such as sport, and some are for emotional reasons.

Some particular diet may itself cause some disease or alter the course of a known disorder such as kidney or heart disease, and diabetes. You probably don’t often think about why the body needs food. Your body doesn’t just need any old junk food though; it needs healthy food that is good for your body. Nutrition helps to provide energy to your body, just like your car needs fuel or a battery needs to be recharged, so does your body. When we don’t eat right, we are filling up on toxins that lead to the chronic diseases that make life miserable for us. When you stick to a nutritious diet, you are reducing the risk of illnesses like cancer, heart problems, diabetes, and stroke. When you eat nutritiously, you help your body to maintain the right Body Mass Index, which is essential in contributing to preventing diseases.

What exactly does understanding nutrition involve?

1. Carbohydrates – this is the number one energy source of the body. Our liver and the muscles of our body need a sufficient intake of carbohydrates to maintain good health.
2. Fat – must be taken in the required amount for it to moderate the metabolism and protect vital organs. Too much fat in your daily nutrition has the opposite effect, however. The two major fats are
3. Protein – Without protein, the body cannot grow or repair itself. The non-essential amino-acid
4. Water – the body needs a lot of water: at least eight glasses every day. We all know humans can stay without food up to three weeks; however, they will perish without water in as little as 48 hours.

The proteins, fat and carbohydrates and essential amino-acids have to be introduced into the body by consuming the right foods.

It is also important to have a proper balance in choosing the food that you eat. Practice eating a variety of healthy food. Right timing and proper proportions of food that you eat are also essential in achieving good nutrition. Keep in mind that the human body needs all the food nutrients to make the body strong and healthy at all times. Practice a healthy lifestyle so as to stay away from serious threats of diseases and other medical problems.

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