You CAN Lose Weight Without Exercise

Written by Carl

Sometimes life sabotages our best plans to diet and lose weight. Maybe you find yourself at a wedding or another special event where it is difficult to be one of “those” people who say they cannot eat because they’re on a diet. Nobody wants to be one of “those” people. Of course you want to limit your portions, but to be sociable; you eat, and worry about burning it off later.

If you’re significantly overweight, exercise can be difficult, if not nearly impossible. You may think that you cannot lose weight without taking up jogging, or weightlifting or some other form of strenuous exercise.

Well, the good news is, you can lose weight, and rapidly, with nothing more than some well planned changes in your diet.

The Importance of Walking

While many may consider walking a form of exercise, it really is not; rather, walking is just basic human activity. If you’re not walking, get used to it. If you have a phone, download a pedometer app, and use it. A pedometer is used to measure the number of steps you take. I personally always average about 20,000 steps a day due to my job, and that’s quite a bit more than average, but you need to do some walking daily if you ever plan to lose weight and keep it off. “Power” walking is not necessary, just daily movement. 10,000 steps a day is a worthwhile goal, though you may have trouble reaching that. Anything is better than nothing, so get off your butt, and start moving!

Walking benefits the body in so many ways, but primarily walking increases your metabolism. This means your body burns hotter and consumes those excess calories. Walking helps with circulation and strengthens the entire circulatory system. Don’t think of walking as an “exercise”, it is just part of normal human activity and is necessary activity. So get out, and get moving!

For those trying to lose weight, the common recommendation is to starve yourself. I’m here to tell you that is not only unnecessary, but harmful to your long term weight loss efforts.

The best strategy by far is to modify your eating habits by substitution the highly processed man made foods with natural, wholesome foods such as an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats.

If you learn to adjust to these natural foods, you’ll never feel hungry and the weight will drop off faster than you’d ever imagine.

Burning Calories Without Exercise – For Children

It is the natural state for children to be thin. This is the time when growth occurs and the need for healthy, natural food is at its greatest. Children need to be fed natural food sources such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy and whole grains. Unfortunately, many parents give in to feeding children highly processed foods full of white flour and sugar and the wrong kind of calories.

Television, computers and cell phones and video games are the enemy of your children’s health during these years. Encourage them to play out doors and feed them a wholesome, natural diet, and you’ll be amazed how quickly they get back to their natural ideal body weight.

Burning Calories Without Exercise – For Women

Women always seem to have a harder time losing weight than men, but it need not be so. A woman’s body, even at her ideal weight, has a higher percentage of body fat than the average male at the same fitness level. Muscle burns calories, and because men are typically more muscular than women, women have a more difficult time burning excess calories than men.

For this reason, women need to watch what they eat a little more carefully than men. Their portion size will need to be smaller, and they need to be more careful to avoid the processed foods that pack on the pounds.

Burning Calories Without Exercise – For Men

Men tend to burn calories much more easily than women. Still, if you want to lose excess body fat as rapidly as possible, you’ll need to ease up on the empty calories like beer, hamburgers and fries, and replace such foods with fresh whole foods, including an abundance of fruits and vegetables and lean meats and fish. Do this and you’ll be amazed how hast the pounds melt away.

In conclusion, understand that, while beneficial in achieving the body you may want, strenuous exercise is far less important to weight loss than changing your dietary habits. I, myself, made these changes and I watched my weight drop from 220 to 165 in less than 60 days! I was never hungry, and the cravings were few. I achieved these results by simply substituting my old bad dietary habits with healthy natural foods. I did this without counting calories and without additional exercise. There’s no reason you can’t see the same results. Good luck!

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